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The Revolution is Mobile Marketing!

There’s a revolution shaking up businesses and your business could be left behind if you ignore it.



The widespread use of cellphones and smartphones, makes it possible for even the smallest business to generate large flows of traffic by sending a single text message. You probably use text messages all the time to communicate with your friends and family right?



Now You Can Tap Into The Power Of Sending SMS Text Messages Directly To Your Potential Customers!


…For A Small Fraction Of Your Traditional Advertising Costs!



Are you sick of throwing money away on advertising that doesn’t work?


If you want your business advertising to produce RESULTS, then you need Mobile Marketing!


SMS (Text Message) Marketing is becoming extremely popular mainly because mobile technology is becoming the number one form of communication. Consumers are now using their cell phone more to send text messages rather than placing voice calls. According to studies in 2009, 72% of mobile subscribers send or receive 664 texts per month as verses dialing or receiving only 176 phone calls. That is a whopping 1.8 trillion texts projected to be sent in 2010 and is forecast to double in 2011.



In a recent 2011 study, 25% of agencies polled said they are working with clients who are asking for SMS advertising. This is up from 15% of the fourth quarter of 2010. Even with the increase and media attention of smartphones such as iPhones and Androids, a majority of consumers still use standard or feature mobile phones. Source: Software company, STRATA

“SMS often gets overlooked, but the vast majority of users of all ages are texting,” said David Berkowitz, senior director of emerging media and innovation at digital marketing agency 360i, at the 2011 Public Relations Society of America’s Digital Impact Conference in May.


Let’s face it, people carry their cell phone with them everywhere they go thus if you are looking for a method to reach your customers at a very low cost, text message marketing provides the perfect solution. Start SMS marketing today before your competitors steal your customers!


So, how does SMS Marketing Work?


Basically the way it works, is you can send your customers, church members or students valuable coupons, discount specials, announcements, scriptures, assignments or reminders via text message instantly.



SMS marketing can be used in all industries:

    • Restaurants & Retailers
    • Political Campaigns
    • Small Businesses
    • Resellers & Agencies
    • Teachers & Educators
    • Church & Youth Groups
    • Party Promoters and more!



Here’s what our current SMS customers have to say.

 “For each $100 we spent using SMS marketing, we got $2,000 back in new orders.”

Who They Are:

Pizza Tower is a family restaurant located in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started sending SMS coupons to customers a year ago to help drive more business.

What They Did:

When customers sign up to receive SMS coupons on their cell phones, they get a free dessert.

The Results:

Pizza Tower gets at least 30 to 40 more orders each week from SMS coupons – twice as many as from email promotions. Customers love them!


“Text coupons bring us twice as much business as emails!”


Start driving massive amounts of traffic to your business using SMS Messaging in 3 simple steps, see example below!

Step 1: Create a group name.

For instance, SFPIZZA. Your group name is what your customers subscribe to so they can start receiving your text messages.

Step 2: Ask customers to join.

Put this on your table tents, website, or receipts: “Want a free dessert? Text SFPIZZA to 41411 to start getting our coupons and promotions!”

Step 3: Send offers via text.

For instance: “Call 423.555.1659 to order a 2-topping pizza for only $10.99. Offer expires 11/7/2012.”

Try the Free Demo

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Mobile Marketing Gets Instant and Direct Access to Your Customers at the PUSH Of A BUTTON!